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"..after 10 minutes, my wife feels a great relief on her neck."

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Why Do You Need This?

How Can Rylax™ Help You?

Rylax relieves neck pressure

Rylax releases pinched nerves

Rylax alleviates bulging & herniated discs pain

Rylax helps to correct bad neck posture (text neck symptoms / Dowager's hump)

Only 10 minutes a day!

As it inflates, it gives a gentle, safe, and relaxing stretch on your neck, relieving trapped nerves, pressures and pain.

Light green check.svg Clinically Proven - In relieving neck pressure and pain from just 10-15 minutes a day! Simply include it as part of your morning and night routine, and feel the difference. See how Rylax has helped Allie, read below:

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Light green check.svg Save Money - You can save between £45 to £75 from each visit to a neck adjustment or massage. Think, how much extra savings you can have each month?



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Rylax™ Posture Brace 2.0
Rylax™ Posture Brace 2.0
Rylax™ Posture Brace 2.0
Rylax™ Posture Brace 2.0
Rylax™ Posture Brace 2.0
Rylax™ Posture Brace 2.0

Rylax™ Posture Brace 2.0

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Customer Reviews

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Great product - EXCELLENT customer service MUCH RECOMMENDED!!

I don't often leave reviews but on this occasion I'm making an exception.

I have suffered from incorrect thoracic posture for many years due to being slumped over a computer as part of my job role as a Sales Manager.

A few years ago I had a career change and studied and qualified as a Personal Trainer. I now PT from one of the UK's leading Gym studios. I also participate in many sports related activities. It would be fair to say that im an extremely active guy.

I ordered this posture correcter with a very open mind (although to be honest I did question what results that it would achieve).


I am genuinely over the moon with how much my posture has improved and still continues to do so.

Aside from the above the other reason that I decided so make this review was based on the customer service.

I was contacted by the customer service team to make sure that I received the product on time and that i was happy with the product. This was the first time that this had happen from a supplier.

If you suffer from the same issue as I did with your posture please give this product a try. Its great value for money but more importantly you will see and feel the results In a very short period of time.

First time I given a 5 star rating!

Thank you Relivia!

I like it.

It just works. There is nothing else to say really. Of course I recommend that you take it slow at first and do it for a single hour the first day and gradually increase the time periods. It's washable, it's adjustable, it's comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time (even though it is made to make you uncomfortable when you slouch). Def recommend yo

Effective product

This product has been really useful for me. It puts you in a position where you have to actively extend through your thoracic spine, basically building the strength of the mid back stabilisers and teaching you to hold a better posture. I would recommend this product to anyone sufferering from an upper crossed syndrome.